MBS Mobile Manipulation Platform

This package supplies Sphinx-based tutorial content to assist you with setting up and using MBS mobile manipulation platform. The tutorials topics are listed in the left column, and presented in the suggested reading order.



These tutorials assume that you are comfortable working with ROS. We recommend starting with ROS tutorial if you are not familiar with ROS already.

Clearpath Ridgeback is a mid size, robotic platform which can be a perfect fit for research and development and industrial environments due to its low profile. It features omni-directional, precise control, 360 degree field of view and customized capabilities. The customization for the current Ridgeback include a a move-able lift on which a Panda arm is mounted. On the top of the lift there is an Ouster mounted which features 360 degrees 3d scan of the environment. The robot also includes two Hukoyu lidars covering 360 degrees one from front and one from back.