Rovo Tutorials


This package supplies Sphinx-based tutorial content to assist you with setting up and using MBS ROVO2. The tutorials topics are listed in the left column, and presented in the suggested reading order.


These tutorials assume that you are comfortable working with ROS. We recommend starting with ROS tutorial if you are not familiar with ROS already.

The MBS ROVO2 is an electric motor driven tracked vehicle, which was developed for use in unpaved terrain. The manufacturer of the drive is a renowned company that is trusted by a large number of companies and people the drive is also designed for high sub-zero temperatures, which makes it very popular with mountain rescue or expedition vehicles. It goes without saying that the entire vehicle, with the exception of any superstructures such as the Universal Robots robot arm, is protected to IP65.

The power pack is driven by 2 x 7.5KW electric motors, which were reduced via 1:16 gears and thus has both a considerable payload and tractive force. Despite the quite high gear reduction, the MBS ROVO2 reaches a remarkable top speed of 20km/h. The battery integrated in the chassis allows the vehicle an extremely low center of gravity, as well as a long range of about 8h or 40Km.